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22 October 2015 @ 07:03 pm

Comment to be added! All fiction is public and can be navigated through my fiction indexes!

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22 October 2015 @ 10:54 pm
Supernatural Fanfiction


Honey... Bee Mine Forever | NC-17 |
Dean and Castiel are married and have a sixteen year old. She comes home for school and informs Dean she has a report she has to write for English. The assignment is to write a paper about how your parents meet, when they knew they were in love, where they proposed and what the wedding was like. So Dean grabs his and Cas' memory box and tells her Cas and his story..... Cas eaves dropping on his husband and daughter the whole time. | AO3 |

Tricks & Treats | NC-17 | 1 | 2
Dean, Sam and Cas take a case the day before Halloween in the town of Munster, Indiana. What was supposedly a Vampire turns into much more.... Because Nothing in this town is what it seems. | AO3 |
Dean opened his eyes, blinking a few times to bring things into focus. He stretched as Cas snuffled into his chest, grumbling and gripping the Hunter tighter. Human Cas definitely not a morning person, Dean thought as he smiled and pushed Cas' hair out of his face. The Angel hummed and opened his eyes, squinting. "Good morning, Dean."

"Morning Cas." Dean kissed the top of the Angel’s head. Cas stretched, and Dean felt something poke him in the hip. Dean raised an eyebrow, "looks like little Cas is up too."

Cas lifted up the blanket and looked under it before smiling at Dean. "Yes he is, very up." Cas proved his point by rutting against Dean's hip again, leaving a trail of smeared precum on the hunter’s hip. Cas leaned in and placed open mouth kisses to the hunter's neck, then along his jaw line, moving his hand down to wrap around Dean's quickly hardening cock. Cas smirked against Dean's lips. "Looks like little Dean is up as well"

"Mmm he sure is." Dean groaned as he bucked up into Cas' fist, before he pulled the Angel on top of him and into a kiss. Dean grabbed Cas' ass and rutted up, rubbing their hardened lengths together. The kisses became more heated as they grinded together in a delicious rhythm. Close... Dean was so close, and he could tell Cas was too by all the breathy moans that poured from the Angel's mouth. Of course, Dean's phone decided now would be the perfect time to ring. Cas paused in his movements.

"Dean your phone is ringing." Cas looked at the phone, then to Dean.

"They will leave a message." Dean tried to pull Cas back down, but the Angel refused to come.

"It may be important, Dean, we are working a case." Dean groaned, knowing Cas was right. He snached his phone off the bedside table and answered it.

"Special Agent Stoker." Cas tried to move off of Dean, but the Hunter held him in place, rubbing up and down his thigh while he talked on the phone. When he ended the call he looked up at Cas. "Duty call Cas, there's been another murder. You start getting dressed and I will go fill Sammy in." They reluctantly parted. Dean grabbed Cas for one more kiss. "I promise Angel, we will continue this tonight.”

"I would very much like that, Dean, and I would like to go further." Dean tripped over his own feet as he walked around the room looking for where his pants had ended up, before turning around and looking at Cas.

"What do you mean by go further Cas?" Dean asked while he slipped on his PJ bottoms. He's pretty sure Sam wouldn't like him just waltzing into his room naked.

"I would like to have your cock in me, see if it feels as good rubbing against my prostate as your fingers did... I think it will feel better."

"I really, really wish we didn't have a case to work right now. You have no clue how bad I want you right now, Angel. To do all the things you want to try. I want to make you feel so good... better than last night."

Cas hummed, walking over to get his suit. "That would be very hard, Dean, last night was amazing."

"Really Cas?" Dean asked, unsure, he had after all never done that before.

"Yes Dean... absolutely amazing."

Dean smirked, a little more confident now. "You haven't seen anything yet, Angel, and as much as it pains me to say this... get that sexy ass dressed."

Dean knocked on the conjoining door. "Come in," Sam called.

Dean pushed open the door and walked in, getting a bitch face from Sam, "You guys so did not keep it down last night, and did I hear Cas cuss at one point? Do I even want know what you did to make him cuss?"

Dean got a smug look on his face, "definitely not Sammy..." Sam just rolled his eyes, and Dean remembered why he had initially came over. "Just got a call from Sheriff Starling; there's been another murder, this one in the Tormenti Pila district. I told her we would meet her there. So any leads?"

Sam sighed. "Unfortunately no... I do believe all the murders are connected and none are what they seem to be. I don't believe that a vampire, werewolf, or the Frankenstein monster was responsible for those murders, and I believe whatever it is, is also responsible for Cas being momentarily human."

"You will figure it out, Sammy, maybe we will find some kind of clue at this next crime scene. Get suited up, I'm going to go see if Cas is finished getting dressed, then get dressed myself. Come on over when you are finished getting ready."

Dean went back into his and Cas' room. Cas was sitting on the bed watching Halloween, holding his tie. He looked at Dean, holding out the tie and huffing. Dean laughed and walked over to Cas, fixing the Angel’s tie before he grabbed his suit and went into the bathroom.

After Dean was dressed he joined the Angel on the bed. Cas was wringing his hands together and looking at his feet. Dean takes Cas' chin in his hand, maneuvering the angel to where his eyes were now looking into Dean’s. "What's wrong, Cas?"

"This thing between us. Is it, is it." Cas took a deep breath, "I know you don't do relationships." Dean put his finger against Cas' lips, silencing him.

"I don't... I'm not good at them. I've always screwed them up... But this with you, Cas, it's different. Any other of the very few relationships I have ever been in never felt right... even in the beginning when things are supposed to be perfect. But with you Cas everything feels right and always has. What can I say, we really must have a profound bond... but what about you, Cas, you’re an Angel and I'm just... me."

Cas placed his hand on Dean's cheek. "Just you is exactly what I want. It's all that I have ever wanted Dean. To me you're perfect. You're my Righteous Man."

Dean felt himself start to blush and the moment get a little too chick flicky, so he had to lighten the mood. "You sure know how to sweet talk a guy, Cas."

But Cas, clearly not finished with this conversation, continued, "So what does that make us?"

Dean took both of Cas' hands in his. "Hopefully it makes you my boyfriend Cas... If that's something you want," Dean finished nervously.

Cas kissed Dean’s lips gently, whispering against them, "I very much want that, Dean." Dean wrapped his arms around the Angel and pulled him into his lap, deepening the kiss. Sam's throat clearing separated them. Cas slid off of Dean's lap and back beside Dean on the bed, turning slightly red. Dean just shrugged at Sam with a smug grin.

"I really got to start knocking," Sam said, more to himself than the other two in the room.

Dean clapped his hands together, "alright let's get this show on the road." They start for the door, Cas grabbing the 5 pound bag of mixed Halloween candy. Dean raised an eyebrow at him.

"Isn't it customary to eat candy all day on Halloween?"

Dean smiles real big, "Good thinking Cas... that's my boyfriend." He looked at Cas, "Hey babe give me a Milky Way." Cas grinned as he pulled out the mini candy bar and tossed it to Dean. Dean popped it into his mouth as they headed out the door.

They were walking down the hall to the elevators when Dean noticed Sam smiling at him. Cas had fallen behind slightly as he was digging through the candy bag looking for an Almond Joy. "What are you smiling at, Sammy?"

Sam shook his head, "Just happy for you and Cas. So, boyfriend huh?"

Dean rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I know it’s kinda sudden."

Sam started laughing, "Sudden? Dean you two have been dancing around this for years! ’Bout damn time more like it." Sam finished as they entered the elevator. Cas smiled triumphantly; he had found an Almond Joy. Sam looked at him, "ohh Almond Joy," taking the candy bar from Cas, unwrapping it and taking a bite. "It's Halloween, may as well." Cas glowered at Sam before pouting and looking back into the bag, searching for another Almond Joy.

While Sam was pressing the button, Dean leaned over and whispered into the Angel's ear. "I will buy you a whole bag of Almond Joys baby, when we are finished up for the day." That earned Dean one of those big smiles he loves and a kiss on the cheek.

Thirty minutes later, they were entering the district of Tormenti Pila Dean followed Sheriff Starling’s directions, making a left on Hessian Street and following the signs leading to S.H. Park, a wooded park with bike and hiking trails.

They parked and flashed their badges at the cops guarding the scene. Deputy Graham saw them and walked over. "Follow me, Agents." They followed Deputy Graham. He smiled at them. "You boys have a good night?" He looked at Dean and Cas before he continued talking, not even waiting for a response (like he already knew). "The witness is in shock; she's making absolutely no sense. She's being checked over. You can try to question her if you want, but if it's anything like the statement she gave me..." The deputy trailed off.

"Agent Shelley, you go talk to the sheriff and Dr. Morgan, and Agent Irving and I will try talking to the witness." Sam nodded and followed Deputy Graham as Dean and Cas walked over to where a young woman sat in the back of ambulance, wrapped in a blanket and clearly in shock.

"Ma'am, I'm Special Agent Stoker and this is my partner Special Agent Irving, could you please tell us what you saw."

She nodded and was very tense, "okay but you won't believe me."

Cas placed a hand on her shoulder. "Try us." She visibly relaxed.

"I was biking through my favorite trail, like I always do in the morning, when I could have sworn I heard a horse on one of the other trails, I listened for a few minutes longer and when I didn't hear anything else I thought I had just imagined it. I continued along the trail and when I came to the clearing that leads into the other trails or back across the bridge, I-I seen him. The Headless Horseman like from the old story... and the Johnny Depp movie. He was even carrying a pumpkin. He started riding to the clearing, and I was so shocked at what I was seeing, I didn't notice the man he was riding towards until it was too late. I yelled, but the man must have had earbuds in listening to music because he didn't even look up, he didn't even see what was coming right at him. When the horseman got close he drew his sword, and when he was in reach he struck. He cut that man's head off. He dismounted, picked up the head and left his pumpkin in its place. I was shocked, frozen in place. When he mounted his horse he started towards me, and I pedaled as fast as I could and didn't look back until I was across the bridge. When I did look back he hadn't followed. He remained on the other side of the bridge. He held up the head and rode off back through a different trail than he had come in on."

"Thank you..." Cas paused; she had not told them her name yet.

She smiled at him, "Katrina, my name’s Katrina."

"What was the name of the trail he went down?" Dean questioned

"Western Woods"

Thank you Katrina, come on Agent Irving let's check out that trail."

Katrina reached out, grabbing them both on the arm. "Be careful, Agents." They nodded as they walked away and over the bridge leading to the trails.

Dean shot a quick text off to Sam, letting him know they were checking out the Western Woods trail, better safe than sorry. The trail was very secluded, lots of trees and nice scenery, it was rather romantic. Dean reached over and took Cas' hand. The Angel smiled shyly. "I've never had my hand held before... I like it," Cas admitted quietly. Dean squeezed the Angel's hand a little.

"I'm usually not a hand holding kinda guy, but this is nice Cas. I like holding your hand." They walked in silence for a little ways, checking out their surroundings until they both paused. "Did you hear that Cas?" Cas nodded, and they stayed perfectly quiet until they heard it again, a neighing... and it was closer and behind them. Dean and Cas slowly turned and saw him, the Headless Horseman. He looked straight out of a movie. Dean was slightly stunned; he had not actually expected to run into the Headless Horseman out here.

The horseman snapped the reins and dug in his heels, causing the horse to start out in a dead run towards them. Dean, not letting go of Cas' hand, turned and ran. He wasn't sure what this was or how to fight it, so best plan.... get the hell outta Dodge. They ran as fast as they could, hearing the horse break sticks and the crunching of leaves as he galloped faster towards them. Dean pulled Cas off trail into a wooded area, tumbling over a branch and falling down a small hill, landing at the base of an old hollowed out tree. Cas landed on top of Dean, and the Hunter noticed the hole in the base of the tree. He grabbed Cas around the back and pulled him through the hole. It was a tight fit, not much room to move, and Cas was still lying on top of him, with no room to separate in their confined hideout. They heard the snapping of branches, and they knew the horseman was very near, so they remained perfectly still and quiet.

They stayed still and quiet a good ten minutes after they heard the horse gallop away, unsure if it was a trick. The longer they were in there the more fidgety Cas got. The Angel kept moving and wiggling against him. And even though they were hiding from a Headless Horseman, little Dean didn't seem to care, he just was paying attention to all the movements Cas was making. Dean groaned as the Angel shifted again, rubbing against Dean’s now very hard cock. Cas looked at him wide eyed, "this is not the time Dean."

"Don't tell me tell little Dean," Dean huffed, pointing to his traitorous dick. "It's your fault, Cas, all the wiggling and moving - I can't help it." Cas smirked and grinded down. Dean bit Cas' shoulder as he felt the Angel's cock twitch and start the harden. The Hunter canted his hips up, pressing down on Cas’ lower back as he rutted. It was Cas' turn to moan. He bit his lip trying to stay quiet as Dean continued to grind their cocks together. Cas started panting against Dean's lips, biting and sucking on them. Dean snaked his hands in between them, unbuckling Cas' belt, unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out before he did the same to himself. Dean took them both in hand, and Cas bucked into the touch, gripping Dean's hair and pulling him into a scorching kiss while Dean worked them with his hand, their mixed precum making their cocks nice and slick. They both rutted into Dean's hand. "Want you so bad, Cas, wish we were back at the hotel. I would take you apart slowly and have you beg for my cock."

Cas moaned, "mmm I want that Dean. I want you. To feel you deep inside me."

"Want me to split you open on my cock?" Cas groaned and then Dean felt it, Cas' cock twitching and a warm wetness spreading across his hand and fingers. A few more strokes and Dean was spilling onto his hand as well. Dean brought his hand up and Cas looked at it before grabbing Dean's wrist and sucking his fingers into his mouth sucking them clean then, licking the other spots of come off his hand.

Cas licked his lips. "Mmm"

"Oh Angel," Dean growled before licking into the Angel's mouth, chasing their taste on Cas' tongue.

"Dean, Cas." They heard Sam calling for them so they quickly did up their pants... Dean grimaced, knowing the cum that was cooling between them on their suits was going to be very noticeable. Well nothing they could do about that now. They crawled out of the hollowed tree, getting up. Dean looked at Cas them himself. Well at least the suit jacket covers most of the mess, he thought as Sam called out again.

"We are over here, Sammy." Sam followed their voice and found them in a very disheveled state, and not all of it was a result from running from the horseman.

"What happened to you guys?" Sam looked at them wide eyed

"The fuckin' Headless Horseman... That's what Sammy."

"You're kidding me! You actually saw him."

They walked back up the trail, Dean and Cas recounting what had happened to them, leaving out the sexy bits of course. Sam then told them about the crime scene. "Victim's name was Baltus Tassel; he was decapitated, the head was not at the scene of the crime. A pumpkin was left in its place. I'm assuming he took it with him; that is the horseman's mode of operation. No clues at the scene though. They said they would have the file ready in a few hours. I'm going to sit down with all three files and go over and over them until I find a connection... I have to be missing something."

When they made it to the Impala Sam looked over to ask Dean something before they got in the car, but that quickly died on his lips when he noticed a huge white stain on Dean's slacks. He looked over to see Cas has a matching one. "Dude, seriously?" Sam looked at Dean incredulously, "the freakin Headless Horseman was after you and that's what you do?" Sam questions waving his hands at Dean's crotch."

Cas suddenly found the ground very interesting and was clearly going to be no help. Dean found an overwhelming urge to explain himself and launched into said explanation. "It was not my fault; the space was tight and Cas wouldn't quit wiggling, and I couldn't help that I got excited."

Sam held up a hand, "I'm going to stop you right there, Dean. I would like to be able to sleep without those nightmares."

They got into the Impala and Dean reached over and grabbed some wet wipes out of the glove box, handing some to Cas, so they could clean up the mess they made on each other. Sam wrinkled up his nose. "Gross, dude."

Dean just smirked as he started up the Impala. "Who's hungry? I know I've worked up an appetite." Dean wiggled his eyebrows in the mirror at Cas, making the Angel smile and slightly blush.

Twenty minutes later they were in the same diner they had gone to last night to order take out. The same woman was working. She seated them and took their order, commenting once again how cute of a couple Dean and Cas were when they decided again on splitting curly and crinkle cut fries. The comment made Sam giggle. They were eating and discussing the cases, trying to find any connections they could. They were finishing up their lunch when Sam’s phone rang.

"Special Agent Shelley." Sam was all business; this case was pissing him off. He had not one single clue and that grated at him. When he hung up a few minutes later, he placed a tip down on the table. "Back to work... There's been another murder. This one is in the district of Radialis.

The road had ended a few miles back; they now were traveling on a dirt and gravel road. Dean grimaced every time rocks flew up and hit Baby's undercarriage. Radialis was not just on the outskirts of town but in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dense wooded areas. Dean was pretty sure they were going to a place that didn't have running water or electricity. They continued up the dirt road, surrounded by woods that seemed to go on for miles, before they saw a small clearing and police cars. They pulled up beside one of the patrol cars and got out.

The neighborhood that had been hidden on all sides by the woods was very small. The houses were close together and very run down. Deputy Graham was the first to see them and walked over. "Hello Agents, welcome to Radialis." He leaned in closer to them lowering his voice. "Now the people around here are a little bit... different would be a good way to put it. Their families have lived up here for generations, they never leave here, and they don't like outsiders very much. Most of them have deformities; it's rumored that it's from inbreeding." The deputy held up his hands. "Now I don't know if that's true, and I'm not one to gossip so you didn't hear that from me."

"Is there anything else you can tell us about Radialis?" Sam asked.

The deputy seemed to be contemplating for a minute before he spoke. "Well there is this one story, but keep in mind a tale is all it is. My daddy told it to me growing up. Munster, Indiana, used to be only five districts, the government owned this section of land and it was rumored they did nuclear testing up here in the ’40s before they sold the land to Munster. The first group of people who lived here were said to have gotten really sick, and they changed. They became violent and deformed, back then the doctors had no idea what was causing it. The tale goes that they all left Radialis and made their home in the woods surrounding here and have lived there ever since, having children, and their children having children. They never came back into Radialis and the people of Radialis never venture too far into the woods, because when those people changed it wasn't just in appearance and state of mind so did their appetite. The meat from animals no longer quelled their craving, they needed more."

"So you're telling us they became cannibals?" Sam asked, curiosity dripping from his voice.

Deputy Graham started laughing. "I'm telling you a story, that's all it is. A story parents tell to their kids to keep them from going into the woods and getting lost." The deputy leaned in conspiratorially, "but yes as the story goes they became cannibals."

The four walked over to where the Sheriff and Medical Examiner were, getting lots of looks - most not so nice. Dean tried hard not to stare, but most of the residents of Radialis had deformities and a lot were severe. He elbowed Cas in the side when he noticed him staring at an older man on his porch in a wheelchair with such an elongated head that it curved along the back, his head laid against the wheelchair. He was probably unable to lift it, with how large the deformity was.

Dean looked around, really realizing how small Radialis was; it only had two streets Hatchet Ave. and Hunger Drive. And aren't those just fuckin' creepy names. Dean thought to himself.

"Hello again, Agents," Dr. Morgan said when Sam, Dean and Cas knelt down beside him to get a closer look at the body, which was lying on the victim's porch "Victim is Bob Carter, he was reported missing three weeks ago. He had gone out hunting in the woods and when he didn't return in two days his wife reported him missing."

The sheriff spoke up from behind them. "We searched the woods every day for a week for him. They are just so thick and so many places you could go, especially when hunting."

They went back to examining the body... well what was left of it. All the limbs had been removed; just an arm from the elbow up remained. He had been gutted and most of the meat taken from him so a lot of bone is what was left.

Sam pointed to a spot on the upper arm, in one of the very few places flesh remained. "Are those bite marks?"

"Yes they are, good eye Agent Shelley. By the looks of it they are human; the pattern is not of a normal human bite they clearly have a palate deformity. I will be able to give you a definite answer when I swab the wound and test the traces of saliva when I get the body to my lab."

"Where's the wife? Agent Irving and I would like to ask her a few questions, while Agent Shelley continues the examination with Dr. Morgan."

"This way Agents." Sheriff Starling led Dean and Cas into the old beaten-up shack. It was rather cluttered, slightly dirty, and just as Dean had expected, no electricity. A young woman sat at a small kitchen table staring down at it, from her side profile she seemed to have no deformities. "Ethel these gentlemen want to ask you a few questions." The young blonde woman turned to face them and the whole other side of her face was covered in red scar tissue and her eye was completely white; she was clearly blind in that eye. She looked at them cautiously. "It's ok Ethel, these boys are here to help figure out what happened to Bob."

Ethel nodded and started to talk, still staring down at the table. "I heard a noise out on the back porch. I thought it was Bob. I looked out the window and saw them laying him on the porch before they ran back into the woods." She looked up at them. "The stories are true; you should have seen them. They barely looked human anymore." Dean and Cas thanked her for her time and walked back outside to join Sam, while Sheriff Starling continued questioning Ethel.

Sam was standing there with Deputy Graham watching Dr. Morgan load up the body. He turned as he got into the coroner's van. "I will have a detailed report in about three hours for you, Deputy Graham."

"Thanks Doc," the deputy replied before turning to Sam, Dean and Cas. "As soon as he faxes me the report I will put together a file for you. I should have this one and the one on Baltus Tassel ready by 4 p.m."

"Thank you, Deputy Graham," Sam replied.

"No problem Agents, now if you will excuse me I'm going to go see if the sheriff needs anything before I head back to the station, and get to work on those files."

They stood on the back porch discussing the case, then they noticed all eyes were on them. A bunch of the townspeople of Radialis had gathered outside and were staring at the three, and the looks they were getting were not at all friendly.

Dean stepped off the porch and turned to look at Sam and Cas. "You hear that?" Dean asked. Sam and Cas looked at each other then back to Dean.

Cas tilted his head slightly, asking, "hear what?"

"Banjos." Dean replied, "time to leave. That guy looks like he wants to eat us. The one over there looks like he wants to make you squeal like a pig Sammy, and Cas you sure do got a pretty mouth... so it's time to get the hell outta here."

They started walking to the Impala. Sam shook his head at Dean. "Really? Deliverance jokes."

Dean huffed, "not joking, Sammy, take a look around... this is some Hill Have Eyes meets Deliverance shit." Dean got into the Impala. Sam and Cas followed suit. Dean started her up and headed back down the graveled road from hell. Poor Baby, I'm gonna have to look her over when we get home, Dean thought as he heard the gravel clinking against metal. "So what now?"

Sam looked over at Dean, "well Deputy Graham said the case files for the last two murders will be ready around 4, so I guess we could go back to the hotel and I could go over the other three cases again and see if I missed anything and you and Cas can... I don't even wanna think about that," Sam cringed.

Dean looked in the mirror at Cas. "Does that sound good, Angel? You want to relax and watch some horror movie?"

"Yes that sounds good, but I also want you to-" Dean cut him off not wanting to scar Sam further.

"Don't worry Angel we will do that too." Dean winked over his shoulder at Cas.

"I really really don't wanna know," Sam mumbled.

Dean was beyond happy to be back in their hotel room, laid back on the bed beside Cas; both of them eating a slice of pumpkin pie and watching Creepshow. Sam had just knocked on the door, letting them know Deputy Graham had called, the case files were ready and he was going to go pick them up.

Shortly after Sam left, Dean rolled over and looked at Cas. "I'm going to take a shower, I feel kinda dirty from the tumble we took earlier." Dean leaned over and placed a few open mouthed kisses on Cas' pulse point before speaking against his skin. "You want to join me?" Dean pulled back to see Cas smiling at him.

"I would very much like to join you Dean." Dean stood and grabbed Cas' hands, pulling him up and off the bed, leading him into the bathroom.

Dean had Cas pinned against the tile, kissing along his collarbone as their hands roamed and water cascaded down on them. Dean moaned against Cas' Adam's apple as Cas gripped his ass, pulling him in closer so Cas could rut against Dean's hard cock. "Fuck, baby, feels so good," Dean groaned as he sucked Cas' earlobe into his mouth.

A knock on the bathroom door made them still their movements. "Dean you in there?"

"Uh yeah Sammy whatcha need?" Dean replied, slightly breathless.

"Suit up... While I was at the police station a break-in at the museum in Derulane was called in."

"That doesn’t sound like our kinda thing, Sammy."

"The man that called it in said a mummy was strangling one of the security guards."

"You gotta be kidding me," Dean groaned. "It's Halloween! I just want to watch horror movies with Cas... not investigate what seems to be a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie."

"Speaking of Cas where is he? He's not in the room."

Dean smiled at Cas. "Um, he's in here... with me. We are conserving water, going green."

Sam snorts, "whatever, pervs... get dressed and meet me in my room."

Cas huffed as Sam walked away, "I really wanted you to take me back to bed and fuck me." And damn if that wasn't the biggest turn on hearing Cas talk like that.

Dean kissed his way up the Angel's neck and claimed his lips. "I want that too babe sooooo bad. As soon as we get back I promise you won't leave that bed the rest of the night."

Cas hummed, "I like that promise."

Forty five minutes later they were entering the district of Derulane. "Ok, Dean, Sheriff Starling said to take a right on Curse Street, take another right at the third light onto Ancient Lane, and she said you can't miss the museum." Dean followed the directions and pulled into a empty spot in front of the museum. They flashed their badges at the cops standing guard and went inside. "The Egyptian exhibit, that's where the body is."

When they entered the crime scene, the sheriff and M.E. were standing over a man's body, a security guard by the looks of what he's wearing. Another security guard was giving them his statement. Sam, Dean and Cas walked over and joined him. "Agents," the sheriff greeted them.

Sam bent down to examine the body, Dr Morgan squatting down beside him. "This is Frank Whemple; he was strangulated by the bandages that are wrapped around his neck."

Dean looked at the sheriff, "Any clues as to who did this?"

The guard then spoke. "It was the mummy! He crawled out of the sarcophagus. It was delivered here today. We were not expecting any deliveries, but we assumed they just forgot to tell us. We had just reset the exhibit and I went on break; when I came back the sarcophagus was open and the mummy was strangling Frank with his bandages. I tried to pull him off, but he threw me across the room. I got up and ran to the office and phoned for help. When the police arrived the mummy was gone, and Frank was dead. I tried to help him; I swear I did."

Dean was examining the sarcophagus when he noticed something... A sticker? Dean peeled the sticker off, holding it up for Sam and Cas to see. "Since when do thousand year old sarcophaguses have stickers on them? Graham Prop House and Novelties."

Sam turned to Sheriff Starling, "Graham as in Deputy Graham?"

"Deputy Graham's grandpa owned it. He made all kinds of props and novelties from famous monster movies. Some of his props were even bought by producers in Hollywood. He even had a wax museum. All the great monsters were in it, and he made them himself. He made everything. He died a few months back and left it to Deputy Graham. He decided about a week ago he didn't want to keep the business open, and it sold two days ago."

Dean stood up from where he had stooped down by the sarcophagus, "where is Deputy Graham right now Sheriff Starling?"

"He's at his grandpa's packing up his things."

"Could you give us the address please; we would like to go talk to him," Sam asked.

"It's not hard to find; it's in the district Lignea Palum. On the Land beyond the Forest. There is only one way in and one way out; you take Borgo Pass Road. It's the only house up there."

They thanked the sheriff and set out for Lignea Palum. Once in the Impala, Dean turned to Sam, "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Pissed off ghost who doesn't like his life's work is being shut down and his stuff sold off."

"Exactly what I was thinking, Sammy. He had a wax collection of all the classic monsters, and it wouldn't be the first time we have seen wax figures come to life"

"A ghost could not suppress my grace though," Cas declared.

Sam hummed. "That's true, maybe the two are unrelated. Maybe I was wrong in thinking they were connected."

"Let's follow up on this lead see where it takes us." Dean pulled onto Borgo Pass Road and followed it through the forest, until they pulled up in front of a … house? No you couldn't call it a house, or hell even a mansion - that was a legit castle.

They got out of the Impala and did a weapons check before cautiously approaching the castle. Once at the door, Dean put his hand on the knob and turned to Sam and Cas. "We have no idea what to expect in here... so be careful and let's have each other's back." Sam and Cas nodded as Dean opened the door.

Dean had not known what to expect, but this had not been it. A Halloween party in full swing? Dracula, wolfman, Frankenstein monster, mummy, and the Headless Horseman were dancing to the Monster Mash?! What the hell is going on here? Dean thought as he stepped farther into the huge room.

It was an old-fashioned ballroom, and it was decorated perfectly for the occasion. Orange and black balloons were everywhere, Spiderwebs with fake spiders hung from various places, orange and black streamers along with fake bats and ghosts hung from the ceiling, carved pumpkins were placed on the numerous buffet tables filled with various treats and drinks. And everyone there was in costume

Dean, Cas and Sam stood there dumbfounded, looking around and taking everything in, not knowing what to think. Sam leaned over and whispered to Dean and Cas, "do you think they are human?"

"Some of them are." The responding answer made the two hunters and Angel jump. They turned to see Deputy Graham smiling at them. "It took you guys long enough." The deputy snapped his fingers and Sam, Dean and Cas were no longer staring at Deputy Graham but Gabriel, Trickster extraordinaire.

"What the hell is going on here, Gabe!" Dean barked.

"My Halloween party... I have one every year, and I've invited you three for the past four years now and none of you ever show. Not even you, little bro." He tsked at Cas. "So this year I made sure you would show. I made up this case. I figured you wouldn't want to take just any case Dean, and I know how you love your horror movies this time of year. So I made the case something even you wouldn't pass up. Monsters! And once you got here I repressed Cassie's grace so he couldn't figure out it was little ol’ me behind this."

"Give me my grace back Gabriel."

"Chill lil bro, you will get it back tomorrow, but tonight enjoy the party."

Dean turned to Cas, "Give me your angel blade, Cas, I'm going to gank your brother."

Gabe gasped, "Dean-o you’re banging my brother; we are practically family." Dean groaned, remembering that Deputy Graham no Gabe had seen him and Cas getting hot and heavy last night. Gabe grinned at Cas, "and Cassie, way to go, didn't know you had it in you. Oh and boys this is a costume party sooo..."

Gabe snapped his fingers, and Sam was a clown, which Dean found hilarious. Sam not so much. Dean was a classic devil with red horns, red tail and a pitch fork and Cas, well, Cas was an angel but Gabe being Gabe, Cas was now in a white mini dress with stockings that came to his knees, a halo around his head and big, fluffy, white wings. Dean choked on air, and the noise he made sounded inhuman. Gabe smirked at him. "I think Dean-o approves, Cassie."

"This seems very short and not for males." Cas looked over his outfit and frowned at the wings. "And my wings do not look like this. And where's your costume, brother?"

Gabe snapped his fingers and a mustache appeared on his face, "Ta-Da!.. You boys wanna drink? What kinda host am I?" Gabe snapped his fingers again, and they all were holding a beer. Dean and Cas had one of the alcoholic root beers they tried last night and loved. Dean looked at it, raising an eyebrow, then back to Gabe, who just grinned and shrugged. "I know all, Dean," was his response.

"So all these people… are friends of yours, Gabe?" Sam asked.

"Yup, I'm a popular guy." Gabe replied smugly, and really could you expect any less from the Trickster.

Dean took a swig of his root beer, "huh who would have known... so why all this trouble to get us to your Halloween party? There are plenty of people here I don't see how you would have even missed us."

Gabe smiled, this one not smug but genuine. "Of course I would miss you guys. You are what I consider true friends, I know all these people here... some acquaintances, some friends but very few true friends. And you, Castiel, are family." Then the smug grin returned as Gabe was done with being serious, it's just not his style. "Plus it's fun to screw with you guys." The four of them busted out laughing at the Trickster's last remark.

The longer the party went on the more the three of them regretted never having attended one of Gabe's Halloween parties. It was awesome, they were having a great time. Cas and Sam were discussing ancient languages, Sam well beyond his usual limit. It was good to see Sam cutting loose and laughing, just having a good time, in Dean's opinion he didn't do it enough.

Cas, on the other hand, was not getting drunk. Much like Dean, he was drinking slowly. They had plans tonight, and Dean did not want to be drunk; he wanted to remember every moment of being with Cas for the first time.

As much fun as he was having he wanted, no he needed, to get Cas back to the hotel soon. The Angel had been giving him lusty stares for the better part of the last half hour. Oh, and the things he planned on doing to his Angel!

Dean slightly jumped when Gabe slapped him on his shoulder, "What are you lost in thought about Dean-o?” Gabe followed his line of sight to his little brother, who was giving Dean bedroom eyes. Gabe shook his head and laughed a little, "you two sure do have the eye fucking down, but you guys have been doing it for years so."

Dean smiled, "was it that obvious?"

"Yeah to everyone but you two apparently," Gabe mused before turning a serious look on Dean. "Now I'm not going to give you the hurt him and I'll kill you speech, because I wouldn't kill you Dean-o, there are far worse things I could do than killing you... and rest assured I would do each and every one of them."

"You have nothing to worry about, Gabe, I would never hurt Cas; I love him." Dean lightly gasped, shocked by his own confession.

"You really do, don't you Dean-o. I can see it in your eyes; eyes don't lie. Like the old saying goes the eyes are the window to your soul... You can't hide what you truly feel, and I can see you truly love my brother. Have you told him?"

Dean shook his head, "no, he's an Angel what if..." Dean trailed off, shaking his head again, but sure his eyes had betrayed his true feelings.

Gabe patted Dean's shoulder, "If you're scared he doesn't return those feelings, you really shouldn't be. He's my brother, and I can feel what his grace feels. He loves you, Dean, and has since the moment he pulled your ass outta hell... even if he didn't know it then. Dean, he would give up being an Angel to be with you. He would give up Heaven to be with you, because to my brother being with you, Dean, is better than Heaven."

Dean didn't know what to say, so he just nodded. When he looked back over at Cas, he and Sam were walking over. Cas wrapped his arms around Dean's waist. Sam throwing an arm around Gabe's shoulder. "This is such a awesome party, Gabe, I'm having so much fun."

"Gabe smiled, "Thanks, Samsquatch, glad you're enjoying yourself."

"You know what Gabe?" Sam whispered conspiratorially.


Sam leaned over and placed his finger on Gabe's nose. "Boop!" Sam doubled over laughing.

Gabe smiled at Dean and Cas, "I like drunk moose." Dean and Cas laughed.

"Well Gabe this has been a blast, but Cas and I are going to head back to the motel."

"Hell no you’re not, come with me, I got you guys set up here." Dean and Cas followed Gabe while Sam set off in search of another drink. They followed him down a long hallway a good way away from the party. They arrived at a huge set of double doors, and Gabe opened them, revealing the bedroom inside.

It was huge. The bed was a wrought iron canopy bed with clear black silk draping down surrounding the bed, which was covered in orange and black rose petals. There was a jacuzzi tub with candles and more rose petals surrounding it along with bowls filled with various candies and a bucket filled with ice, a bottle of champagne in it with two fluted glasses. A huge flat screen hung where you could see it whether you were in the bed or the jacuzzi. There was a mini fridge that Gabe informed them was filled with a variety of drinks.

"The room is sound proof, so you guys won't hear the party and no one will be able to hear you scream.. muah ha ha!... Eww, wait, you probably will be screaming in here just not from anything scary." Gabe snickered, amused with himself. "And any horror movie you want to watch you will be able to find." Cas walked into the room, checking it out, and Dean went to follow but Gabe grabbed his shoulder. "I've got a couple more surprise for you Dean-o... but that will come later." Gabe winked and snapped his fingers. Cas' eyes flashed blue as he felt his grace flow through him. "You boys have fun," he yelled over his shoulder as he walked back down the hall.

Dean shut and locked the door, smiling at Cas. "So Angel, got your grace back."

"Yes... though I wonder why Gabriel gave it back to me early," Cas said more to himself.

Dean walked up behind Cas, wrapping his arms around his waist and kissing the back of his neck. "So what do you want to do, Cas?"

"Let's pick out a scary movie, get in the jacuzzi, and enjoy that champagne and candy." Cas turns on the jacuzzi, letting it fill up while Dean picked out a movie. He chose Evil Dead II.

"Mmm... Love the way you think Angel," Dean mumbled against Cas' neck. Dean pushed Cas on the bed where he was setting up. "Let's get you out of this very sexy costume. You looked so hot tonight, babe." Cas giggled and placed the halo on Dean's head over the horns as the Hunter rolled down the white stockings. Cas slipped the wings off, tossing them across the room. "Those are a poor representation of wings." Dean laughed as he stood back up, pulling Cas up and spinning him around so he could unzip the dress. Cas let it slide to the floor and stepped out of it. Dean’s eyes widened as he noticed the Angel was in panties. White lace panties that hung under those delicious hipbones and barely covered his cock. Dean bit his knuckle and moaned. This had to be one of Gabe's surprises. "Oh, baby, you are so sexy." Dean reached out and ran his hands over Cas' ass, feeling the lacy fabric that hardly covered his ass before sliding them off Cas.

Cas took off Dean’s devil horns with the halo perched on them, and the tail, throwing them across the room. "Now let's get you naked." Cas unbuttoned the Hunter's shirt, kissing new skin as it was exposed to him. He unbuckled Dean’s belt, unzipped his pants and slid them down, his turn to push the Hunter onto the bed, taking off his shoes and socks, pulling his pants off in one fluid motion, before standing up and reaching out his hand to Dean, who took it. He pulled the Hunter up and slid off his boxer briefs.

Dean took Cas' hand and led him over to the jacuzzi. They both got in and settled beside each other, Dean opening the champagne and pouring them each a glass. Dean clinked his glass against Cas', "To my Angel."

Cas clinked his glass against Dean’s, "To my Righteous Man." They smiled and drank. Dean wrapped his arm around Cas, the angel relaxing into him. They drank their champagne and tried the various candies Gabe had left for them as they watched the movie.

The credits started to roll. They had spent the entire movie in the jacuzzi relaxing, and Dean enjoying having Cas in his arms and Cas enjoying being in Dean's arms.

Dean smiled at Cas. He was nervous. Dean Winchester was nervous. "So Cas you ready to get out and dry off?" Cas nodded. Dean stepped out first then helped Cas out. Dean grabbed a towel and dried his Angel off before drying himself off. He took hold of Cas' hand and led him to the bed. Dean sat down on the bed and pulled Cas into his lap, where the Angel was straddling him with the Hunter kissing him. Dean laid back and pulled Cas down with him, never breaking the kiss. Dean ran his hands down Cas' back, and the Angel gasped when Dean's fingers ran across his shoulder blades. Dean stilled his movements to ask Cas, "did that feel good?" Cas nodded and Dean did it again a little harder, and he heard the familiar whoosh of wings, but this time he could see them. He saw the big beautiful set of black wings unfurl. He stared in awe.

Cas sat up and realized what Dean was starting at. "How can this be, this isn't possible," Cas stammered, pulling his wing as close into himself as he could.

"Gabriel," Dean smiled. "He told me he had a couple surprises for me before he left our room. The first was you in the panties and now… this."

"He had no right. I can put them away if if they bother you. Of course they do, why would you want to-" Dean surged up and kissed Cas, quieting him.

When he pulled back, Cas still remained silent. Huh... I'm going to have to remember that's an effective way of quieting Cas.

"Don't you dare put them away. In fact why did you draw them in? I was enjoying looking at them Cas. They are a part of you and just like the rest of you they are beautiful. And you were so right, those fake wings… very poor representation of the real thing. "

"You find my wings beautiful?" Cas asked shyly. "Even though they are black and not white like all the other Angels wings?" Dean tentatively reached up and ran his fingers through Cas' right wing. The Angel relaxed, unfurling his wings.

"They are as black as the night sky and just as beautiful Cas, and you know what? When you look closely enough you can see white twinkling throughout them... like stars." Dean huffed out a little laugh as he continued running his fingers though Cas' wings. "You have the galaxy on your wings Cas, no other Angel can say that."

Cas leaned down and kissed Dean. The Hunter moaned into the kiss as both his hands found their way into the Angel's wings, Cas groaned and grinded down. "Fuck, baby, are your wings sensitive?" Dean ran his fingers down them. Cas whimpered. "I'll take that as a yes," Dean chuckled. Then Cas' lips were on his again and Dean was digging his fingers into Cas' wings. The Angel made all kinds of sinful noises. Dean kissed up the Angel’s jawline and neck before he whispered in Cas' ear "lay down on the bed babe." Cas did so and Dean looked in the drawer by the bed... and thank you, Gabe, it was full of lube. Dean grabbed a bottle and turned back to see Cas laid out on the bed, wings spread out and surrounded by the black and orange rose petals. God he's mesmerizing.

Dean positioned himself in between Cas' legs and started at his lips and worked his way kissing down his body, Dean's hands never leaving Cas' wings.

Dean bit and sucked on Cas legs before spreading his legs ever wider, and Dean ran his finger over Cas' hole and felt it quiver. Dean spread Cas' ass cheeks and flicked his tongue over the Angel’s pucker. Cas arched off the bed and gripped the covers, groaning loudly.

Dean began working Cas open with his tongue, teasing him. Alternating between flicking his tongue in and out quickly and licking into him slowly. Dean blindly reached for the lube on the bed. Finding it, he popped the cap and lubed up his fingers. Sliding one in beside his tongue. Cas was already loosened up some from Dean rimming him. It wasn't long before Dean had two fingers and his tongue inside the Angel, and Cas was falling apart, begging for Dean. "I want you Dean, please fuck me. I'm ready; I need you."

"Just a little more, Angel." Dean panted out against Cas' thigh as he watched his fingers pump in and out of Cas' hole, opening him. He struck Cas’ prostate again. The Angel moaned, and more precum leaked from his cock.

"Now Dean," the Angel growled.

Dean bit Cas’ thigh and removed his fingers. "How do you wanna do this Cas?"

Cas sat up, "lay down Dean." The Hunter laid back and smiled up at Cas. The Angel had black and orange rose petals all throughout his wings and stuck to his skin.

Dean reached up and removed an orange one from Cas’ hair, laughing softly. "I've never made love on a bed filled with rose petals before."

Cas straddled Dean and grabbed the bottle of lube pouring some in his hand then slicking up Dean's hard cock. Dean groaned and bucked up into the Angel's fist. Cas grabbed Dean's cock and positioned it at his hole before slowly pushing in and taking Dean inch by inch until he was fully seated on his cock.

Dean moaned as he felt himself enter Cas; his hand gripped the Angel's hips, but he let Cas set the pace. Once Cas bottomed out, he paused, letting himself adjust. After a minute Cas gyrated his hips. It felt really good so he continued the motions. He languidly rolled his hips as Dean's hand explored his body and wings. "Mmm, Dean, you feel so good; you’re so big. You fill me full."

"You like that, baby." Dean snapped his hips up and Cas let out a broken moan as Dean’s cock brushed his prostate.

"Yes! Oh Dean, do that again." Dean snapped his hips up, holding onto Cas and pulling him down at the same time, hitting Cas' prostate again. "Fuck oh yeah... more." Dean gripped Cas’ hips and fucked up into him as Cas bounced on his cock, meeting the thrusts. "So good, Dean, so good." Cas was shaking, his wings quivering as he rode Dean. The Hunter dug his fingers into the Angel's wings until he felt muscle. He ran his nails down Cas' wings; the Angel mewled. "I'm so close Dean. It feels so good! Fuck me harder!"

"You like that, Angel, does it feel good? You gonna come on just my cock?" Cas groaned, and Dean gripped Cas’ wings and placed his feet on the mattress as he fucked up into Cas like a wild animal. Cas was screaming in Enochian. His eyes flashed blue, his wings flared out as he threw his head back and cried out Dean's name as he painted Dean's chest in long thick bursts of his release. Seeing his Angel like that had Dean tumbling over the edge into ecstasy with his Angel. He gripped Cas' hips, pushing in as deep as he could go, his cock throbbing as he filled Cas so full he could feel it leaking out as he continued cumming. The Angel was loving the warm wet feeling as his lover pumped him full.

Cas rolled off of Dean and curled up next to him, wrapping a wing around him. Dean hummed and ran his fingers through it. "We made a mess Cas. We need to get up and clean up, and as much fun as it was to make love in the roses it won't be fun sleeping with them." Cas snapped his fingers and Dean noticed the rose petals were gone and they were clean. The Hunter smiled and laughed, "Angel mojo comes in handy for after-sex clean-up."

Cas snorted, "I was comfortable and didn't want to get up."

Dean kissed Cas on top of his head, and the angel hummed and cuddled closer. "Hey Cas?" The Angel looked up into Dean's eyes

"Yes Dean," the Angel questioned.

Dean pulled the Angel up to where his lips were barely brushing against his. "I love you, Castiel."

The Angel smiled against Dean's lips. "I love you too, Dean." He kissed Dean gently.

Cas laid his head back down on Dean's chest, the Hunter continued running his fingers through Cas' wing, the one stretched over him, covering him lovingly.

"Oh! I almost forgot, Happy Halloween, Cas!"

"Happy Halloween to you too, Dean!"
22 October 2015 @ 10:39 pm
Title: Tricks & Treats - 1/2
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Summary: Dean, Sam and Cas take a case the day before Halloween in the town of Munster, Indiana. What was supposedly a Vampire turns into much more.... Because Nothing in this town is what it seems.
A/N: There are many hidden references in the story, some you will catch some you won't. I will have notes at the end of the story explaining all the references.

Chapter OneCollapse )
Title: Honey... Bee Mine Forever
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Summary: Dean and Castiel are married and have a sixteen year old. She comes home for school and informs Dean she has a report she has to write for English. The assignment is to write a paper about how your parents meet, when they knew they were in love, where they proposed and what the wedding was like. So Dean grabs his and Cas' memory box and tells her Cas and his story..... Cas eaves dropping on his husband and daughter the whole time.
A/N: Beta'd by lotrspnfangirl, Fun fact: Melissa means honey bee.

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